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It’s Showtime:

Shows that come:


- 3.3. Jacke Wie Hose auf der Beelitzer Live Nacht

- 25.2. Jacke Wie Hose im Kino Babylon, Berlin, mit FIlmvorführung

- 16.2.  Jacke Wie Hose im Fliesenpalast Potstupimi



Shows that were:


- Herbst: Jacke Wie Hose in der GIG Kneipe, Halle

- Frühjahr: Jacke Wie Hose in Berlin, Pfefferberg

- Frühjahr: Jacke Wie Hose in der GIG Kneipe, Halle



- Oktober 30, 2016: Jacke Wie Hose mit Bockwurschbude und Tobende Ossis im ARCHIV

- Oktober 21, 2016: Jacke wie Hose bei Handiclapped, Berlin

- April 17, 2016: Edgar trommelt mit Jacke Wie Hose beim Tulpenfest in Potsdam auf der Bühne vor dem LaLeander



- 19.09.2015: Edgar to be part of “The Alvaro Triiio” @ Kuze, Potsdam

-27.02.2015: “Edgar y Los Crawalleros” supporten Prog-Rocker MINERVA im Black Fleck




- 20.12.2014 mit REWOLFINGER & SHANTATERS @ Café Stadtbahn, Wien

- 19.12.2014 mit REWOLFINGER & SHANTATERS @ Café Carina, Wien

- 28.6.2014 Edgar Lend @ Hoffest Forkendorf, Bayern

- 13.6.2014 Edgar Lend @ Sommerfest St. Norbert Michendorf, mit Jacke Wie Hose

- 5.6.2014 Edgar Lend @ Fabrik, Potsdam, mit LAU und bulbul

- 17.5.2014, Edgar Lend @ Rugby-Sause & Flutlichtparty, Potsdam mit “???”

 - 15.2.2014, Edgar Lend @ Rummelfeeling FRRAPO, freiLand Potsdam, mit Lukas und die Dilettanten, Dana Shanti u.v.a.



- fluc, Wien, Mary & Eddy on 15. Feber 2013

- Wild At Heart, Berlin, 8. Februar 2013, Mary & Eddy supporting “Theos Fried Chickenstore “

- Live at “Berliner Runde Radio Show” @ PIRADIO Berlin, 10. Januar 2013, 19 Uhr



- with REWOLFINGER at Cafe Freihaus, Wien, 15. Dezember 2012

KUZE, Potsdam, 20. Nov. 2012

MARY & EDDY  live at CORTINA BOB, Berlin on Friday, November 9, 2012!

MARY & EDDY live at “Dreikönigskeller”, Frankfurt am Main on June 15, 2012

Mary & Eddy get airplay @ Le Musterkoffer von Karl Bruckmaier on Bayern 2 Radio.



- Edgar Lend is male part of “Mary & Eddy”, outta sight and tune thunderbolt duo, performin together with Rewolfinger at “An Unholy Night With Konkord” at Rhiz, Vienna, December 2011. See short video here.



- Edgar Lend & Rewolfinger @ Cafe Carina, Vienna, October 29, 2010

- Edgar Lend & Rewolfinger playin’ on KONKORD 50 release party @ Transporter Bar, Vienna, October 28, 2010, also there: Laokoongruppe, The Who The What The Yeah

- Edgar Lend to join REWOLFINGER @ RHIZ, Vienna on June 29, 2010.

- “Edgar Lend and the Misguided Youth of Today” playin’ with REWOLFINGER @ Café Stadtbahn, Vienna on February 27, 2010



- “Edgar Lend and the Misguided Youth of Today” playing at fluc KONKORD label night: July 17, 2009 around 9 pm.

 -REWOLFINGER’s 2nd record release party @ Vienna’s CHELSEA on May 13, 2009. Edgar’s gonna support the guys along with Fritz Ostermayer, Rainer Krispel and the unbelievable wonderfully STIMMGEWITTER AUGUSTIN!

- Edgar over Vienna again, together with REWOLFINGER and THE SHANTATERS. Don’t miss this show on February, 28 2009 at “Cafe Stadtbahn”, Vienna, Austria.



-Edgar to support author Uli Hannemann’s reading performance on December 26, 2008 @ Hemhof’s “Hubbi Wirt” www.uli-hannemann.de & www.hubbi.net!

-Edgar playin’ live on August 2, 2008 @ replugged, Lerchenfelderstrasse 23, Vienna, Austria, together with PEGGY LEMONTREE from Hamburg, DESPERATE TO AMUSE from Graz & JEREMIAS MEINHARD from Munich.

-Open stage event leading to incredible jam session from 9pm until 1.30am @ NIL-Club, Potsdam on April 22, 2008

- 1st Berlin City Train Hootenanny April 12,2008. Meet Nancy & Edgar Lend somewhere on the railroad tracks betweeen Wannsee and Ostbahnhof from 10am to 1pm doing their singin’ thing!



-THE RETURN OF THE BADESCHIFF-GIG! November 28, 2007, Vienna, Austria will be the time & the place, be there and be square! And get to experience the headlinin’ REWOLFINGER Bros., too!

-September 15, 2007: Häferl Strassenfest @ Vienna, Austria: Edgar to boil the crowd for Rewolfinger! See flyer here: Häferlflyer

-Juli 20, 2007, 11 p.m. CET: Edgar Lend to be virtual guest at DJ Mad Mäx’ “Gezeichnet fürs Leben” radio show on Radio Orange 94,0, located in Vienna, Austria. Live radio stream @ http://o94.at/live/

-Edgar to perform with Rewolfinger at club “WUK”, Vienna, Austria on July 12, 2007.

-The “Badeschiff”-gig in Vienna, Austria, scheduled for June 26, 2007 is cancelled due to injury of Rewolfinger’s drummer Chrissi. Get well soon, mate!

-Edgar hits the stage at Berlin-Neukölln’s “Rue Bunte”during the “Krumme Lampe 7” event on June 23, 2007.

- Edgar to perform at the “Rosenheim Old Stars” festival on May 4, 2007 @ club “Hammerhalle”, Rosenheim/Germany together with Natalie Flanders, Subrosa Falcon Association, Fischmeister and many more

- Edgar to perform as opening act at record release party for Rewolfinger’s latest CD “Redeption, Daily 10 AM” on Feb. 21, 2007 @ club “fluc”, Vienna/Austria



-July 31, 2006: second encounter at the “White Trash Fast Food”, this time with “Hill Stompers” (renamed “Barn Dogs” in early 2007).

- June 7, 2006: Entering the stage at “Madonna Bar”, Kreuzberg, Berlin together with “Hill Stompers”.

- April 22, 2006: Double-devastation with REWOLFINGER at “White Trash Fast Food” @ Berlin/Germany.



-Dec. 23, 2005, Edgar crooning together with Rewolfinger @ “Vetternwirtschaft”, Rosenheim, Germany. Thanks a million to Toni Dax for arranging that historical event!!!


pre 2005

- Edgar to open for Sonny Vincent @ Vetternwirtschaft, Rosenheim

- Early 2001: Edgar with Marco, Marek and some other guys at some Jugendclub @ Lehnin/Brandenburg.